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DKN’s hotels thrive in their markets because of our experience and competency in hospitality marketing. We consistently evaluate current marketing channels and campaigns to determine those with the highest potential for production and adjust our strategies to target the highest ROI for your hotel.

Revenue Management

DKN’s revenue management approach allows us to maximize opportunities in dramatically changing landscapes. We increase market penetration resulting in improved topline revenues.  


DKN utilizes a collaborative approach to apply its sales efforts where they are needed most. As a result, DKN-managed hotel properties hold top rankings on industry performance reports.


DKN directs all of its operational actions to manage a hotel at maximum efficiency. This allows us to deliver a greater NOI while serving the expectations of team members, guests, and owners.


DKN has developed a proprietary reporting system called PULSE that provides us with the ability to analyze real-time data in a way that other systems currently on the market do not allow. This places hotels in our portfolio in a position to implement profitable strategies.

Design & Construction

DKN’s design and construction process has been optimized through years of experience and a focus on creating lasting value for the asset. Whether it’s a new build, a property improvement plan or a complete re-branding, DKN has the expertise to deliver best-in-class results.

Human Resources

DKN’s culture is famous for its ability to cultivate an environment of mutual respect, teamwork, empowerment, transparency, and communication. As a result, our team member retention rates have historically been much higher than the industry average, culminating in lower turnover rates. This directly translates to cost savings related to new team member hiring and onboarding. 

Information Technology

DKN’s IT starts with an approach that takes into account operational needs, guest needs, and security. Technology is continuously evolving and changing, and those who change with it stay ahead of the game.  

IRVINE, CA 92606
Fax : 949.337.4466 
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