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DKN Throws a Baby Shower for Angie’s Soon to be Born Baby Jaxon!

Other | April 18, 2016

All was quiet as Ana walked into the room with a smirk on her face. Angie was only a few steps behind and as she crossed the threshold and saw the entire office she barely had time for her jaw to hit the floor before a shout of “Surprise!” echoed through the whole office! Everyone was there, even some of her family and she almost burst into tears of joy! (ok, maybe she was just really happy and totally surprised, but who can remember) We had taken it upon ourselves about a month before to plan a surprise baby shower for Angie (our HR Manager) and to spend an afternoon playing baby themed games, eating tons of homemade dessert, and showering her with all kinds of gifts for her new (due in less than 2 months) baby boy, Jaxon! Everyone had a blast (but really, it was the highlight of the week and there were many hilarious moments during the games!) and we all got a chance to show our awesome HR Manager just how awesome she really is 🙂 #reasonstoloveDKN