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Home Away from Home Winner – Jaime Alvarado from the Holiday Inn Express West LA

Home Away From Home | June 17, 2016

Our HAFH winner this month is from West LA! “It was a week ago that my car stopped working right in front of Holiday Inn Express on Santa Monica Blvd blocking the street as well as the entrance to the 405 freeway. It was a rush hour and I was bombarded by cars honking me. Within 2 minutes I saw a gentleman knocking on my passenger window trying to help me. I explained to him that my car had seemingly run out of gas. He helped me immediately by going across the street to get some gas. He also found a traffic hazard cone to place it behind my car. He put gas into my car and to top it all off he refused to be reimbursed. The name of the gentleman is Jaime Alvarado, the AGM at the Holiday Inn Express. I can’t say enough good things about Jaime, he is a good hearted and caring person . I am so happy to see that there are kind people like him going the extra mile just to help others without any expectation. He has my blessing.”