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K1 Speed and DKN – A Race to Remember!

Other | September 1, 2016

Since “Fun” is one of our values, and actually a pretty big/important one too, we like to plan events for our team that will be…well, fun! Our most recent event was at K1 Speed where they supply go karts that can go 45 miles an hour! Needless to say, the idea alone is amazing, but once you get behind the steering wheel the fun really begins! The first race was exciting, nerve wracking, and adrenaline pumping all at the same time. There were two groups of us, so once both of the groups finished each of their races we got together to plan a final race for the team. This time we took the top 8 from our entire group into one race and the bottom 8 into another. The result was breathtaking (especially when a few well placed bumps literally took some people’s breath away for a moment) and so much fun, giving everyone stories of glory to tell their loved ones and rivalries that will live on throughout the ages…or at least until next time we go racing! #reasonstoloveDKN #funatDKN