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SURF Motel Goodbye Party

Other | December 4, 2015

It was a sad day indeed when the DKN team members from the Support Center crowded into The Surf Motel’s little parking lot and started setting up for their goodbye party. One thing that was abundantly clear however was just how excited everyone was. Excited you may ask, but why? Well, as bittersweet as it was to kiss (metaphorically of course) good bye to our first hotel ever, there is nothing more exciting (well ok, maybe some things) than celebrating a rich and amazing history of one hotel and getting ready to build a new and even bigger one on the foundation of one of the most precious memories that DKN will ever have. To serve the community and offer an amazing experience each time a guest walked in was what Bob (the amazing general manager) and his team did best and the fact that they’ll be able to continue doing it, but this time for even more guests, is the most exciting part of all!