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The Ladder Program and all those who make it what it is

Other | June 1, 2016

Two things (among many) that are awesome about working for DKN is how many different vendors, artists, and just plain cool people we get to work with on a regular basis. The other is how many amazing opportunities we are constantly given to develop our skill set and move into positions we want to be in. On the cool people front we just worked with a local artist, Onalee, to completely redesign the look and feel of our ladder program. The Ladder, as we call it fondly, is a mentor led, leader development program that we’ve been growing for quite some time now. As mentioned in another post, we recently graduated our first class of ladder students and with the buzz surrounding their awesome experience as well as their recent graduation we’re already getting more applications than we know what to do with! It’s going to be an exciting year for the next round of ladder students and we can’t wait to see who will join the gang! #apassiontogrow